Research Seminar: Governance of Regional Development | By Yasmine Willi

Painting by: hjalmar riemersma

01-05-2018 12.30-13.30 @ Leeuwenborch C83, Wageningen University

You are cordially invited to attend the presentation by Yasmine Willi entitled “Governance of regional development. In this seminar she will discuss the interplay between public administrations, politicians, entrepreneurs and societal actors and how this leads to the design and implementation of regional development strategies. She will analyse governance issues in regional development from what she refers to as ‘asymmetrical justification’, taking Regional Nature Parks and the New Regional Policy in Switzerland as case studies.

Yasmine Willi is a human geographer and works at the research group Regional Economics and Development at the Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research WSL in Birmensdorf, Switzerland ( Her research focuses on regional governance and regional development processes, policy design and implementation as well as public decision-making processes.

Organized by the CSPS cluster: The Politics of Space & Place
Painting by: hjalmar riemersma
Painting by: hjalmar riemersma

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